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Hello all, a long while ago the previous owner of this account posted online, on a random BBW forum I can't remember at the moment, that he needed to stop his "frenzied addiction" to this website and he wanted to give it to a new owner. He was unwilling to simply delete his account due it's high number of followers and what he referred to as a "heady stash" of BBW fantasy art. It is also my understanding this man was a teacher, very interesting... ANYWHOO.... 

Some of you may be familiar with the very lovely Cyd So Delicious I happen to coincidentally be her partner in crime in the biz and in life. We will continue to update the precious favorites section I'm sure you've all come to know and fap to and also the lovely Miss Cyd will stop by to talk about the world of her awesomeness. As of right now we are currently working on what will be one of many fantasy videos detailing her desire to say, become like the comics seen on this website. Salutations and enjoy....
Is it worth 11.95 for just a month of perusing the pics there? Just seeing if anyone's subscribed.
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"Endless Hunger"

Janie was a big girl, she always loved stuffing herself until she couldn't go any further. One day she decided to test how far she could go. First she ate all the food in an Old Country Buffet, then she ate the people, then the town, and then the world, and then the universe. With a nice pat on her massive stomach she said she was still hungry. The End.

That ought to satisfy most of the extreme FAs like myself out there. I know, hot!
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Does anyone remember the yahoo group with outrageously fat furries, a lot by Fatfoxlower, I think it was called something like "lesoudelard" (I'm sure I'm way off). I was wondering if there was a site with the art from that.
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that's when my scanner is fixed....
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Hey Jay here, well my wife had our child Jason Ira Schmitt on September 17. He's doing great, and I never thought I would get used to having to clean up his well yeah...

On a truly awesome note, since my wife is a fully licensed doctor and I'm in my third year of teaching at a high school, do the math. Instead of her staying home on maternity leave, I AM staying home for a year to take care of Jason. I just hope that it doesn't traumatize a child at an early age to watch his father sit on a couch drinking Heinikins all day while watching Sports Center and Full Metal Alchemist while also at same time (I'm great at multi-tasking) on Deviantart all day looking at fat porn. Ah, he'll be fine. ; P

I must say, for the nine months prior my son's birth, it was fun having my wife demand food 24/7. Now since she is a doctor obviously she is getting herself back in shape very quickly, which is fine, she's a very attractive woman. But I have many VERY sexy preggo pix. I would post them but she made it clear not too, of course I respect and honor that (but seriously she got fucking huge, keeping also in mind that she's 6 foot, and I'm 5'8")

Should I update this more often seriously? Just as a favor to anyone that reads this, made a comment saying you did, if people give a shit I'll use this as my primary blog.

I hate people who preach, and please forgive me if I am, but it seems that there's soooooo much more artists that do the immobile giantess thing with furries than real people. I was just wondering why that is? It seems the people that draw bbws etc. are into the absurd and colossal sizes. For example I LOVE two-ton-neko's work, and I know most if not all of the FA community is, I'd love to see more pix like that but with people instead. I'll take a humanoid body as long as it's not too much of a stretch (like if it has a complete bird's head or something), but I know that me and the rest of the whiny FAs that only bitch and don't draw would love to see just some like that. And I know that there isn't none, artists like Saxxon for example make art like it. It also seems like the ones who do make the 1,000 ton women also suck at it (no names). Just an funny to me. There's countless stories like that but no pix to show. Again I know this rant has been heard millions and millions of times, and if I had any drawing skills I would have a ton of deviations here, but it's just food for thought. (also not enough ssbbw vore! I'll shut up now)

On a similar note, I know the odds of anyone taking this idea is absurd in the notsomuch direction, but I had a great idea for a comic. Take like 3 stoner girls, 2 get high and they reluctantly allow their ssbbw friend a hit. Why? Cuz she gets the munchies BAD. And from there on you can use your imagination from here. I might make a story out of this and see what happens.

Well me and my wife are about to go smoke a fatty and have a great night.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

PS here's more irony, I'm down to 125 lbs!
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I know I promised more than  2 drawings, I guess I haven't been motivated. I dunno, but if anyone is up for an art trade I'd would be thrilled.
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I'm just not gonna say anything anymore. I said I'd leave, for the millionth time, and I realized what's the point? I'm fine with my fetishes, it's not hurting my life and those around me. So i'm just not gonna say anything anymore. Maybe I'm here, maybe not, w/e. Anyway maybe I'm back or not, whatever way, here I am.
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Yup, it's about time. I've deleted all the people I'm watching, and I'm shutting down the page. Yes fat girl porn withdrawal will be tough, but I'm gonna be a father, I'm married, and I have job that hopefully I'll have tenured in a year or two. Goodbye, thanks to all who befriended me.

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Yup, gotta focus on work and family, and I don't want any distractions. See yall later
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In the ultimate showing that I have no life I organized all my favs by category (boobs, fat, muscles, etc). Enjoy. Also I got married and it was great reception and overall event. We went to London for the honeymoon, awesome. And the baby is doing great.
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Okay, my fiancé knows about my fetish, doesn't care. I thought things over, and I realized I can still enjoy this site, I just can't obsess over it like I sometimes do. So once again, I lied, I'm not leaving, I'm sorry. I really am, I'm just not gonna be on here as much. Once again, I'm back, we'll see how long. I gotta get my priorities strait.
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Yes I am. I am engaged once more, and not to a 500 lb blob (she does have a nice hourglass body though...). She's pregnant and I'll be a daddy in eight months. I've never been happier. To the friends I've chatted with and to the many awesome artists, I will miss you. I know a lot of people didn't care for me cuz I would only fave and not comment. I'm sorry. But life is coming too fast, I really gotta step up. See you on the other side!

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I wanna draw more, but every time I attempt I always end up with crap. Anyone have any pointers or good tutorials for drawing women and ssbbws? Appreciate anything. Thanks.

I forgot to update this, but it was my birthday about 2, 3 weeks ago, 25 here we go. *birthday pics would be nice, hint hintaroo*

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Hey, I'm back, my girlfriends gone for the month, and I thought, eh, what the hell, I'll come back here when I'm bored.

LIfe's good right now, I start teaching again on Wendsday, and I moved out of my appartment and into a MUCH better one, so yay. So I won't be on here as much as before, but for now I'm back.
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I was just promoted to head of Language Arts at the school I work, making me the youngest head of anything in it's history. SWEET! I spend way too much time here, and though the school year is still a month away, I got to put all my available focus on this. Also I have a new girlfriend, and she's not unbelievably fat, and I want to do my best not to reveal this part of my life and psyche (no offence to anyone who reads this). So I might maybe occasionally might pop in here, but I doubt it. She is really special to me, and I feel much better with her than I did my old whore fiancé.

So to all the artists who read this, I can only say thank you so very much. You were all wonderful people and artists. But I have to grow up now, as much as I love animated fat porn, it's time I took my leave. Thanks again!

James Micheal Schmit.
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Yep, there's a virus being passed around here, I caught it, I might update more if I get really bored.
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Okay so I'm heading home from a tough day teaching and some asshole blindsides me on the road and I'm in the hospital. I get out and I get home, and I found my television stolen. I call the police, they don't do anything. So I decide to go on my computer and calm down, internets down for the rest of the week. So I'm back and with 203 deviations in my deviant watch.
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Some rather sad and bad news. I broke up with my fiance Rose. You know how on TV there are those really fat whores that have really been around town? Yeah I was engagaed to one. Oh well, I'll get over I hope. I'm gonna go get shitfaced and forget about it. This is Jay the Snake out.

I will have a pic up soon, I promice!
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